5 Reasons Why Freezer Meals are the Absolute Best


So, yesterday I jumped on the freezer meal bandwagon.
This is something I’ve been wanting to do since before my son was born in February.
The plan was to prep a month’s worth of healthy meals to keep on hand for after delivery.
Me being the procrastinator I am, I put it off…and then my son was born five weeks early. Oops.Two months later, I finally sat down, researched like crazy, and put together a quick list of recipes.
Deciding to start small, I chose five to double. This provided ten meals to keep on hand for rainy days.
My next goal is to prep an entire month’s worth. More on that later.
For now, here is a list of five reasons why I am incredibly indebted to freezer meals.

1. I saved money.
Generally, it’s cheaper to buy food in bulk. So when you buy thirty chicken breasts at a time, you save a good bit of money in the long run. Hit up Sam’s or Aldi for about an hour or two and you’ll come out for the better. This time around, I only spent about $50 for five recipes, which I doubled. Fifty dollars for ten meals ain’t bad a’tall! Granted, I’m only feeding myself and my husband for now, so the food stretches further, but even with a bigger family, freezer meals will really take a load off your budgeting worries.

2. I’m more likely to stick to my healthy meal plan.
“Failing to plan is planning to fail.”
Things come up. Sometimes you’re called to pick up grandma at the last minute. It’s tempting to stop by a drive-thru on your way home. With freezer meals, you can toss a bag in the crock-pot to cook while you’re gone. Knowing you have a hot meal waiting on you when you walk in the door makes it loads easier to make the healthy decision and pass on the fast food.

3. It’ll save me when plans change.
As previously mentioned, your routine can easily be interrupted. When your friend suddenly asks you out for coffee, you can take your sweet time because YOUR FOOD IS COOKING ITSELF AT HOME.

4. I don’t have to worry about cooking.
This one is a little obvious.
Sure, it takes a good chunk out of your day, but prepping your meals today saves you from having to even think about cooking for weeks or a month at a time. No more grumpy husbands coming home to a dinner that is running behind.

5. Freezer meals are easy as all get-out.
There is no process. It’s literally dumping ingredients into a zip lock bag and labeling it with a date.

1. Have you found any freezer meal recipes that you absolutely loved? Send a link!
2. Have you also found yourself hesitant to freezer prep? What is your biggest reason?
Leave your answers below and encourage your fellow readers.


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