Can Mother’s Milk Tea Get My Milk Supply Back?

I am in no way claiming to be a medical or lactation professional. This post is based entirely on my own experience. Please keep in mind that everyone reacts to herbs differently and may not achieve the same results.)

My son would not stop crying.
All night long, I nursed him as often as he wanted, gave him tummy drops, rocked him, and sang him his songs. His usual favorites did nothing to console him.
A week before, L’s pediatrician diagnosed him with breastmilk jaundice. I wasn’t told to give up nursing entirely, but he did recommend that we take a three-day break and see how L’s bilirubin levels reacted.
I was terrified of losing my milk supply because of this. I sat down and read article after article on how to keep the milk coming. Pumping continuously, I ate tons of oatmeal and protein. Everything seemed fine.
Once our three days were over, L’s levels were tested again. There was a significant drop, so we were able to resume breastfeeding.
Fast-forward two nights later. Baby is screaming his little lungs out. We nurse and nurse and nurse. I use all the lanolin I can to help with the pain. Still, he won’t go back to sleep.
The weekend that followed was one of the most difficult in my life. My husband was away, my postpartum depression was at its worst, and there were some problems going on with my family. I found it hard to eat, didn’t pump as much as I should’ve, and dropped a full five pounds that week.
One night, my in-laws offered to keep L so that I could catch up on much-needed sleep and have some time to get myself together. I reluctantly agreed.
He only woke up three times. The entire night. He ate his bottles of formula and went right back to sleep.
Hallelujah amen.
Turns out that all this time, my sweet little bundle of joy was hungry.
I feel terrible about it, even now. I kept telling myself that I should have known. Of course my milk supply would be affected by everything that was going on.

The night L was gone, I remembered that I had a box of Yogi’s Mother’s Milk Tea in my cabinet. I drank one cup before bed. After sleeping ten glorious hours without waking, my milk had definitely made a stunning reappearance.
I pumped four full bottles within ten minutes (ten ounces total). This is big, because the day before, I was only able to produce about 2.5 in the same amount of time. Hardly even a bottle.
Now at that point, I wasn’t sure whether the boost in supply was due to the fact that I hadn’t pumped/nursed in the last twelve hours, and how much of it was actually from the tea.
I continued drinking one cup before bed every night. The times I did, L didn’t wake up as often or fuss nearly as much. Now he’s feeding every 2.5 hours and still supplementing two bottles of formula a day. My supply isn’t as voluminous as it once was, but we’re making progress. L is up to 11 pounds now, which is a great weight for a premie of his age.
I am so, so thankful that I had picked up a box of that tea. Without it, L may have been completely on formula by now.

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Can Mother's Milk Tea

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  1. Bethel Madison says:

    If you aren’t producing enough breast milk to satisfy your baby, don’t get disappointed. I was coping with the same problem and got it boosted through a home remedy Healthy nursing tea. It’s a great and organic formula that works instantly and safely.


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