How I Conceived Naturally Despite PCOS

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(Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional nor am I giving medical advice. The following post is based entirely on my own experience and these results are not guaranteed for everyone.) 

I was diagnosed with infertility at fourteen years old.

Overwhelming devastation hardly describes what I felt, but I can’t really say I was surprised. For as long as I can remember, I’d been struggling with the symptoms that usually accompany PCOS, such as irregular periods and terrible insulin resistance.

Fast forward 5 years. I was 19 years old, in love with my best friend, and…why was I peeing so much?!
Pregnancy was definitely not the first thing that came to mind. A UTI, maybe. Or perhaps drinking too much water during my daily run.
The days went by and more symptoms appeared. Sore breasts. Extreme fatigue (we went to a trampoline park and I just about died by the end of the night.) I kept writing these off. Hormonal changes. Or maybe I was getting sick?
After overcoming the initial case of denial (how would this be possible?!) we took five or six tests in the days that followed. All negative. Maybe I was just crazy? Phantom pregnancies are a thing, you know.

Finally, FINALLY, right around the Fourth of July, a very dark line appeared. Shocked, I immediately took another test. POSITIVE. We were pregnant. PREGNANT!!!
I went on to deliver a healthy baby boy at 35 weeks.

While every case is different, I credit this pregnancy entirely to Jesus and a few simple lifestyle changes.
But first, a little background. Two years previously, my body was in pretty bad shape. I went five or six months without a period. My hormones were out of control. I gained a massive amount of weight.

Slowly but surely, I started to get my health under control and our sweet baby son was conceived – and we weren’t even trying!
“There are no mistakes. Just happy little accidents.” – Bob Ross.
Here are five things that I firmly believe played a major role in kicking my infertility…

1. I cut out processed food and sugar. 

It was hard. One of the most difficult things I’ve ever done. Anyone who has ever tried to jump the clean eating bandwagon will tell you that. While I wasn’t perfect, I went weeks at a time eating only natural, non-processed foods. I followed the Trim Healthy Mama meal plan: a natural approach to eating a healthy lifestyle. I can’t tell you how many women I’ve heard of and/or met who have conceived despite PCOS while implementing this lifestyle.

2. I lost a lot of weight. 

At the time of conception, I was down 40 pounds exactly. It took about two years total, which is a slow pace… but right from the start I began to feel so much better.

4. I took Metformin…for about a week. 

I’m not sure whether Met aided in the conception process or not, especially having taken it for such a small period of time. However, I’ve heard of many doctors prescribing it for PCOS patients to balance blood sugar, which can in turn affect fertility. Nausea is a pretty common side effect, and it got to the point where I just couldn’t take it anymore.

4. I took a prenatal vitamin every night. 

It is said that regularly taking prenatals can (somewhat) increase your chances of pregnancy. I took them for about three months before I got a positive test. VitaFusion is an excellent choice. Vitafusion Prenatal, Gummy Vitamins, 90 Count

5. I worked out. 

Exercise can really kick your body into gear. I started a 30-day couch to 5K program…and only made it about 20 days in before I was too tired to walk two laps. (Unbeknownst to me, it was pregnancy fatigue.)

I truly believe that these five things played a big part in bringing Little Man into the world. Did I do everything perfectly? No. Did I follow my meal plan and run every day? Not exactly. But every small effort I made built up to a stronger body that eventually grew a beautiful, healthy baby boy.

Interested in the Trim Healthy Mama plan? Join their Facebook page (Trim Healthy Mama) to read transformation stories. I’ve met so many women getting their health back, dropping significant weight, and healing from lifelong diseases (like PCOS!) with this plan. Want to get started? Buy the cookbook! Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook: Eat Up and Slim Down with More Than 350 Healthy Recipes.

Readers: tell me your story! What lifestyle changes did you make to ease your PCOS symptoms? Have you conceived despite PCOS? Leave your answers in the comments below.

(Disclaimer: this post may contain affiliate links. This means that if a purchase is made on Amazon, I get a small commission at no cost to you. Please keep in mind that I only promote products that I love.)

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  1. Congratulations! What a great testimonial 🙂


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