30 Days to a Company-Ready Home

I recently took it upon myself to offer our house to host a bible study. It was an impulsive decision, really. With a four-month-old who, and I quote, “is a big boy now and doesn’t need daytime naps” (his words, not mine), it’s darn near impossible to get anything done. This, of course, has allowed my house to fall apart in record time.
Read: my home is not prepared for a group of fifteen women to invade.
It’s T-minus eight days until our first meeting and I’m in a panic.

The key to making anything fun is to turn it into a challenge…am I right?
So to kick my butt into high-gear, I wrote out this fun little plan for us impulsive people-inviter-overs to follow.

If you have guests coming in from out of town for a wedding, stay calm. I got your back.

30-Day Housecleaning Challenge

1.) Gather all of the dirty clothes.
You don’t have to fold them, or even wash them, but gather every dirty article of clothing around the house and put it in a basket.
2.) Clean under the sink.
This area tends to get gross pretty quickly. Toss any old/expired cleaners, raggedy sponges and whatever else tends to get lost under there. (Growing up, this was our version of the junk drawer!)
3.) Thin your wardrobe.
It’s easy to hold onto clothes that are old or no longer fit because of sentimental reasons, but it’s okay to let them go. Donate your discards to a thrift store or missions yard sale.
4.) Organize your cabinets.
I personally enjoy this one. Match lids for your Tupperware. Stack them neatly and throw any damaged pieces away. Toss the cracked wine glasses.
5.) Change and wash all bedding.
Yep, in every room. Nursery, master bedroom, guest room. You probably shouldn’t be sleeping on the grape-juice stains…
6.) Go through the mail.
I know it’s boring, but your mail holders will look so much better once you toss the paid bills and expired ads!
7.) Sort through your husbands drawers.
My dear love had a habit of going out and buying more t-shirts just so he wouldn’t have to do laundry. Now that he’s married, he’s done a lot better….but there are still. so. many.
Make sure to get a stamp of approval before you toss anything of your dear love’s.
8.) Purge your library.
We all end up with books we know we’ll never read.
9.) Clean out the refrigerator.
In my humble opinion, this is the worst job in the world…but opening the door after a long way of work to a bright, shiny fridge of food is so nice.
And hey, your kitchen won’t smell funky anymore!
10.) Wash your pet’s belongings.
Dog beds, food bowls, hair brushes.
11.) Organize your DVD’s.
Netflix is becoming bigger and better all the time, but you probably still have movies laying around the house. Organize them alphabetically, by color, whatever floats your boat. Throw out the ones that are scratched and won’t play.
12.) Clean the tubs.
We’ve lived here seven months and I’ve maybe cleaned the showers four times. GROSS.
13.) Organize the freezer.
Toss out the frozen veggies you’ll never eat and the meat that has freezer burn.
14.) Vacuum/clean the furniture in the living room.
Between pets and children, these can get pretty gross. Both of our dogs shed like crazy and have bright white hair – it shows up on everything.
15.) Set up a spice cabinet.
If you have a passion for cooking, or following the Trim Healthy Mama Plan, you know how difficult it is to make dinner in a timely manner when all of your spices are hiding behind other items. Organize them by height, color, or cuisine.
16.) Organize the linen closet.
Wash and fold.
17.) Spruce up kitchen appliances.
Blenders, toaster ovens, waffle makers…clean inside and out.
18.) Tidy the garage.
Throw away damaged boxes, tools, or clothing. Stack the rest neatly.
19.) Look over the file cabinet.
Make sure everything is in its proper folder. Add any recent deeds, IDs or other important documents.
20.) Toilets.
Need I say more?
21.) Organize or toss holiday decorations/supplies.
That 80’s Halloween platter is not doing anyone any favors.
22.) Kids artwork.
Trust me, you are not terrible for throwing away a few of the hundred “art” projects your child has given you.
23.) Remove everything under the bed…or buy a bed skirt.
Either one works.
24.) Scrub down the windows.
I hate this job because of all the spiderwebs that manage to get stuck in my rag, but whatever. 🙂
25. Dust the blinds.
They get nasty pretty fast.
26. Organize your toiletries.
We proudly display ours on a neat cabinet/shelf contraption from Walmart…love love love it.
27. Clean out the pantry.
I found a bunch of rotten bananas in mine…that explains the weird smell all week. Oops.
28. Vacuum off the furniture.
We have two lovely doggos who get their white hair on EVERYTHING.
29. Scrub the baseboards.
Your knees will hate you but it’ll look nice once it’s finished.
30. Plan a yard sale!
or just donate everything you’ve purged to a nearby thrift store. Relish your shiny new-looking home. Drink some wine. Relax in the bathtub. You deserve it.

30 Days to a

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