Stop Acting Like Verbal Abuse is a Joke. It’s Not.

“Thanks to the stranger at Walmart who pretended not to hear me screaming at my kids today, lol.”
This post (or something similar) has been popping up in my news feed entirely too often.
It gets a few likes, the poster moves on. But what message does it leave?
One proudly stating that the crushing (however temporary) of a child’s spirit is something to be laughed at.
Think about it. Think of the last time your parent lost their temper on you. What emotion does the memory bring?
Now, imagine your mom is out for a girl’s night having a few drinks. She shares the story of that morning’s happenings. “Yeah. The little brat deserved it. I’m not sorry.”
And then they all laugh.

Tell me…why is it that the first situation told on-screen isn’t a big deal, but the second makes your heart beat faster and your face turn red?
Should parents get a pat on the back only because they confess their sins on social media?  One comment reads: “Lol happens to me all the time. #MomLife.” 

I cannot put a number on how many times I’ve been in a public restroom and overheard some sort of verbal/emotional/physical abuse. I think to myself, “if this is the way they act in public, how do they treat their children when no one is in their home to keep them accountable?” The thought panics me.
Now I know that I’m a new mother and haven’t experienced the frustration that is children yet.
I will surely lose my temper on Logan when he’s six years old and won’t get into the car when I (repeatedly) ask him to. Absolutely I will. But I’ll come back with a sincere apology and a hug. I will make things right.
I sure as heck won’t post about it on Facebook to get a few laughs.
Stop normalizing verbal abuse.

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